What are the Best Ways to Wear a Kurta Shirt with Mandarin Collar?

Mandarin kurta shirt is one of the most appropriate shirts that one can wear on different occasions. This is a timeless piece with both comfort and class combined in the outfit. Here we will give some tips on how to style a kurta shirt with a mandarin collar.

Pairing with Jeans

The most frequently used and a recent style of wearing a kurta shirt is with jeans. This mix is just right – it is deeply rooted in the past as well as the present. Skinny or regular jeans will do fine to match the form of the kurta shirt. If your outfit is not formal then you may select a kurta shirt in plain color or with simple patterns. The dark wash jeans shall be paired with light colors and the lighter jeans shall be paired with dark kurta shirts.

Matching with Chinos

Another great choice is chinos that can also be paired with kurta shirt. It is more refined and tailored compared to jeans. Chinos look best with half sleeve shirts if they have mandarin collars as this combination gives a very smart and professional look. For trouser try chinos in natural hues like beige, khaki or navy to achieve balance and versatility. This outfit is ideal for parties, official meetings, or informal meetings in the office.

Styling with Traditional Pajamas

But if you want to have more ethnic look then you can wear traditional pajama together with your kurta shirt. This blend is suitable for cultural activities, fairs, or any other events where people come together with their families. For celebrations, choose a kurta shirt with embroidery or print detail. Pajamas can be of light colours to match with darker kurta shirts and vice versa for lighter kurta shirts. This outfit is extremely classy and ideal for wearing styles that are distinctly old-world and at the same time incorporate a new age appeal.

Layering with a Jacket or Blazer

Pairing your kurta shirt with a jacket or blazer is a style of dressing that is both classic and modern. This particularly suitable for evening or formal occasions. A lightweight blazer in a neutral shade like black, navy, or gray must be worn with the kurta shirt. The kurta shirt should end just below the knees while the blazer should be of appropriate length to ensure it does not overwhelm the body’s proportions. This style particularly goes well with Mandarin collar half sleeve shirts as the collar gives the overall look a distinct feature.

Accessorizing for a Complete Look

If you feel like spicing up your look, there are some accessories that you can wear with your kurta shirt. For a traditional look, a statement necklace can be worn or a pair of jhumkas can be tried. A wristwatch or a trendy bracelet will also help to achieve a more modern appearance. You can also opt for a stole or scarf that matches the color of the robes to make it look even more appealing, especially during the cold season. Lafers, sandals or jutis can be paired as footwear for the look depending on the occasion.

Experimenting with Colors and Patterns

There is no need to use only classic combinations of white or beige kurta shirts with plain pants and traditional footwear; you can add some color and pattern to your looks to make them more exciting.