Discover Top Attractions & Activities: Ultimate Guide to Things to Do in Broome

Ultimate Guide to Things to Do in Broome

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Broome is a vibrant tourist town in Western Australia, known for its pearl farming industry, cultural diversity and scenic beauty. Key attractions include Cable Beach, Dinosaur Footprints and historical Chinatown. It’s also the gateway to the Kimberley region.

History and Background of Broome

Broome, founded in 1883 in Western Australia, grew rapidly as a pearling port. Following the pearl industry’s decline post-WWII, it transitioned into cattle pastoralism, and today has become a popular tourist destination renowned for its pearls and stunning natural beauty.

Broome’s history significantly shapes its attractions. Attractions like the Sun Picture Gardens, and Pearl Luggers Museum epitomize Broome’s past as a pearl diving town, providing tourists with unique historically-rich experiences that highlight the local culture and natural beauty of Broome. For more information, you can visit this link:

Main Attractions in Broome

Broome’s Pearling History showcases the remarkable evolution of pearl farming. Pearl farms, now a popular tourist spot, exemplify Broome’s noteworthy legacy in the pearling industry. Visitors experience not only exquisite pearls but also catch a glimpse of the historical intrigue associated herewith.

Cable Beach, a renowned 22km stretch in Australia, boasts pristine white sand. The breathtaking beach offers daily camel rides at sunset and turquoise waters perfect for swimming or bracing dips between sunbathes under the baobab trees.

Discover the charm of Western Australia through our guide to things you can do in Broome. Immerse yourself with palatial beaches, mesmerizing natural landscapes and rich cultural history. This city is known for its pearl harvesting industry, Aboriginal heritage tours, open-air theatres displaying Australian movies under the outback sky and an array of wildlife encounters. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a thrill-seeker, there’s plenty that awaits to be explored in stunning Broome.

Roebuck Bay, located in Western Australia, boasts breathtaking turquoise waters and red sand. Known for diverse wildlife, it’s home to the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon and Bird Observatory – attracting nature lovers worldwide. Nearby Broome promises rustic charm and history exposure.

Broome is a unique and exotic destination in Western Australia, renowned for its natural beauty, multicultural heritage, and beach lifestyle. This coastal treasure welcomes tourists with open arms by offering countless activities that embody relaxation, adventure, discovery, and history. In this article, we provide an insight into some of the must-do things when you find yourself in Broome – from exploring the enchanting pearl farms to witnessing the majestic staircases to the moon – your journey is bound to be unforgettable.

The “Staircase to the Moon” is a natural phenomenon in Western Australia where the full moon’s reflection on exposed mudflats creates illusionary stairs. Its occurrence peaks from March through October, visible during very low tides of Roebuck Bay.

Activities & Experiences in Broome

Broome Markets in Western Australia offers a distinct cultural experience. Try scrumptious street eats like Damper Dogs and Pandan Pancakes from multicultural stalls. Visit Courthouse Markets for crafts and historic Chinatown Night Market for local produce, food and music.

Camel Ride at Cable Beach is an unforgettable experience. Highlighting Australia’s stunning coastline, these leisurely rides offer breathtaking sunset views. This popular activity showcases a unique blend of adventure, nature’s beauty and interesting cultural immersion all in one journey.

Roebuck Bay, a bird watcher’s paradise, hosts numerous species such as Red Knots, Greater Sand Plovers and Yellow Wagtails. The highlight is the critically endangered Eastern Curlew, making its stopover during its astounding migratory journey across continents.

Visit the serene Japanese Cemetery. It holds historical significance, representing Japan’s nationality and ancestry embedded in foreign lands. Expect tranquility amidst neat rows of tombstones coupled with ornamental cherry blossoms intensifying its cultural beauty beyond time-bound physical mortality. A movingly hushed experience awaits you.

Adventurous Activities in Broome

Scuba diving enthusiasts should visit the Great Barrier Reef, Australia for vibrant coral ecosystems. Belize’s Blue Hole offers unique formations, while Indonesia’s Raja Ampat boasts an incredibly diverse marine population. Red Sea reefs in Egypt astound with their clarity and vivid colours.

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Guided bushwalks provide unique access to nature’s spectacular scenes. The best trails, like Australia’s Blue Mountains or South Africa’s Kruger Park, offer striding wildlife encounters and stunning landscapes under expert guidance, ensuring a memorable and safe outdoor experience for enthusiasts.

Best Shopping & Dining Experiences in Broome

The best shopping destinations fuse a broad consumer goods selection with unique local crafts. Cities like Marrakech’s souks, Bangkok’s markets or New York’s boutiques, offer this blend, ensuring diverse choices from popular brands to distinctive handicraft items for discerning shoppers.

Explore stunning local cuisines and specialities through authentic food and snacks. Indulge in diverse delicacies that define different cultures, showcasing exquisite culinary arts blended with unique flavours from world-class artisans. Food adventure is a voyage of gastronomic discovery and delight.

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Tips for Visiting Broome

The ideal periods to visit Broome, Australia are between April and October. These dry season months offer milder temperatures, reduced humidity and clear blue skies, perfect for experiencing the outdoor attractions including Cable Beach and Staircase to the Moon.

Use public transport for eco-friendly travelling; buses, trams or trains. If distances are short, consider walking or cycling for health benefits. Alternatively, opt for car-hire services for flexible convenience, or utilize ride-sharing apps to save money and resources.

One must familiarize oneself with local customs and etiquette to exhibit respect towards native culture and tradition. Each place has its unique conventions which, when followed, promote peaceful interactions and reduce the likelihood of cultural insensitivity or misconduct.


Broome, Australia offers mesmerizing attractions ranging from beautiful Cable Beach to historic Pearl Luggers. Activities include camel riding at sunset, exploring the dinosaur footprints or visiting the Japanese Cemetery and Paspaley Pearls for their rich cultural history.

Venture boldly into new environments. Research destinations, respect local customs, pack smartly and take safety precautions. Always remain open-minded to different cultures and adventures. Experiencing diversity will truly enrich your life. Travel nourishes the soul—so go out, explore and enjoy!


How many days do you need in Broome?

To thoroughly enjoy all that Broome has to offer, such as Cable Beach, pearl farm tours and Aboriginal heritage sites, plan for a stay of at least 5 days but ideally up to 7 days.

Is Broome worth visiting?

Absolutely! Broome is worth visiting for its iconic, natural beauty. See the renowned Cable Beach sunsets and Staircase to the Moon, visit pearl shops, explore aboriginal culture and enjoy diverse wildlife on land and sea in Roebuck Bay.

What is Broome famous for?

Broome is renowned for its exquisite Pearl industry, camel rides on Cable Beach, stunning sunsets and rich historical ties to the indigenous Yawuru people. It’s a popular destination featuring natural beauty and cultural vibrancy in Western Australia.

Can you swim in the ocean at Broome?

Yes, you can swim in the ocean at Broome. However, be aware of stingers and crocodiles. Safety precautions include swimming within netted areas or avoiding the water during the wet season when marine dangers are increased.