New Faridabad: The Emerging City Redefining Urban Living

new faridabad

India – A country rich in culture and customs but also on a path of modernity, growth and success. By every passing day the cities of this land are uttering innovation. And in this list a city named New faridabad is reaching heights. New Faridabad, cuddled up by our very own state Haryana is an emerging name of those cities which is famous for blending its unique traditionality with  progressive thought. A sightful city which blesses your eyes with uniqueness and offers numerous options of commercial growth.

Emergence of New Faridabad 

The city has not been established long back and is still emerging in its unique way. This place provides you with a high quality lifestyle with its newly constructed residential buildings. Not only is it fulfilling the residential needs but also a hub for industries. If you are thinking  of establishing your own industry, New Faridabad can give a fresh outlook to your plans. The roads, highways and flyovers can sometimes shock you. Surely it can give you a doubt that you are living in a country which developed long ago.

Development is visible through their sky shooting buildings but even in their emergence era the government has not compromised with mother nature and understood its significance. It is visible from the greenery of New faridabad. They are evolving without losing the dignity towards the traditions and environment. This is what makes them different.

How Is it different from the olden times?

In olden times faridabad was heavily dependent on the agriculture sector but now with the establishment of many industries it has created a path for other opportunities. Better set of circumstances are being created for the locals. If you notice way back the residents had to struggle to fulfill their requirements. In addition, the cleanliness factors also get noticed and have a significant role. To make a difference from how this place used to be in the past. Its transformation from  a small town which had very little to offer to their citizens to an urbanized metropolitan city which has a lot to share to the world is immensely cherishable.


No one can deny, The better the city the better the infrastructure. Infrastructure decides how developed an environment is. The availability of  higher education,  best healthcare and  opportunities of commercial and professional growth are the things which are important to citizens. And very soon Faridabad would be a tough competition to the cities  like Mumbai, Delhi, Kota and Bangalore in terms of infrastructure.

  • Health care: Filled up with various public and private hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. You can get any kind of healthcare with ease. Some popular names could be Amrita hospital and Geeta hospital 
  • Education: It should be an interesting topic that Faridabad has started becoming an educational hub. Including some very well reputed institutions, schools and colleges . K.R. mangalam and st. Peter convent schools are one such name. It has also developed the level of education given to the students.
  • Roads and transportation: It is also a key factor of the new faridabad’s development. Modernizing transportation has contributed in making new faridabad a city with all the opportunities. Roads are wide and well made and the surroundings are eye-catching.

Other than these factors there are several other means which contribute to the infrastructure of this city and needs to be mentioned like better electricity, water supply and sanitation,  advanced telecommunication, modernized airport.

Why is New Faridabad Getting Popular?

  • Work environment: A large number of MNCs , IT organizations and even determined startups are taking their place there. It is creating an enthusiastic environment for the professionals by providing a work culture.
  • Opportunity for learners: If you will get the opportunities to get admission in mainstream platforms available for  education in your hometown. Why would you choose to go to some other city. Not only the residents but also the students throughout. The country are trying their best to get in these institutions which is making it approachable.
  • Interrelations: New Faridabad is linked to Delhi and NCR parts. Being in touch with Delhi makes this place more popular. Connections between metro lines make them more preferable options for the professionals seeking opportunities nearby. 

Wander around New Faridabad 

We have already talked about what professional benefits this city covers and how it is giving thriving opportunities to the citizens. But this article would be incomplete until we discuss what is there to explore .From local markets to malls. From street food to aesthetic restaurants, from historical monuments to freshly built cute cafes, there is so much to explore.

  • Historical locations:  If you are someone who takes interest in archeology. There are several points to roam. Raja Nahar Singh fort, Badkhal lake, Baba Farid’s tomb and the Surajkund fort can add delight in your journey.
  • Temples: To fulfill your religious sentiments there are temples like ISKON.
  • Places to eat: From fine dine restaurants like The aravali story to street side stall foods, you can try anything. Everything seems mouth watering here.
  • Shopping: Best option is to explore weekly local markets but even if you are someone who like to spend on brands there is so much for you modernized malls with lavish infrastructure will leave you in amazement.


By every passing moment This city is touching new heights of achievement and making the growth visible. Without losing its cultural touch, accepting every modern revolution is not everyone’s cup of tea but this city is making it look so easy. Availability of  tons of opportunities in every field, better lifestyle to the residents, and admirable locations to explore makes New faridabad a dream city for many.

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