What Is Minimalism Luxury in Interior Design?

One of the most current trends of recent years is minimal luxury. It is a style that successfully combines minimalism and luxury. The idea of ​​creating a minimalism luxury style is to combine simplicity and functionality with elegance and luxury – and we can tell you that the result is very impressive.

What Is This Style, How and When Did It Appear?

It is a hybrid style that incorporates features of the two most popular styles in interior design: minimalism and classics.

It appeared only a few years ago, when there was an oversaturation of “pure” minimalism. Many are simply tired of such asceticism and again began to look for interior design options with more actively expressed individuality, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate their well-being.

Minimalism luxury immediately attracted attention. The number of his fans is now actively growing. In general, this trend is much more than an interior design fad. It is expected to penetrate into all spheres of life in different formats. It is expected to penetrate into all spheres of life in different formats, including trends like online sports betting, where simplicity and elegance are also appreciated.

Minimalism Luxury: Clean Lines and Expensive Furniture

  • On the one hand, it draws from minimalism the desire for clean lines, simple shapes and a minimum of decorative elements. But here there is no characteristic “sound” geometry and emptiness that occurs in exclusively minimalist interiors.
  • All owners of such apartments and houses will confirm that considerable effort must be made to maintain the initially created atmosphere. The fact is that such projects do not tolerate any traces of “natural presence” – if a few objects are out of place, the harmonious picture quickly loses its accuracy and the interior is no longer perceived as something integral and perfect.
  • When classic elements with elements of understated luxury appear in the design of a space, the atmosphere immediately becomes warmer and more relaxed.
  • But it does not fit into the same category of unpretentious relaxation and a flair of deliberate carelessness, as, for example, in Scandi. In minimal luxury there is a completely different tone. Everything here is imbued with well-being and sophistication that literally envelops you. It’s that understated luxury that can’t be imitated.
  • In such interiors, the influence of minimalism is felt in the basic principles of filling space. This concerns the composition, proportions of furniture, and approaches to the formation of planning solutions. And the influence of the classics and a certain bohemian is felt in the details. These are expensive materials, the presence of “optional” (and also expensive) decor, and more complex finishing solutions.
  • For those who are particularly passionate about design and the latest trends, furniture in a minimalism luxury space is not only functional pieces but becomes elements of personal expression. By participating in exhibitions and following the latest collections from renowned designers, minimalism luxury home owners can constantly renew their space to keep it at the forefront of style and elegance. 

8 Main Features and Characteristics of a Minimalism Luxury

Simplicity and purity of forms. Fairly clear lines and shapes prevail here, without artificial complications.

A moderate amount of decor. It is presented mainly in the form of expensive designer art objects, each of which has some kind of story behind it or carries a special meaning for the owner.

Functionality is one of the characteristics of minimalism, which shapes the style here. In a minimalist suite, all furniture should be functional, making the interior modern and dynamic.

High-quality and expensive materials. Their role is of crucial importance in minimal luxury. The finish should be of high quality, and the materials should be natural and expensive. For example, these are valuable types of wood, stone, marble, silk and leather.

Lack of bright colors. Such interiors are characterized by a neutral palette, where the main role played by shades of beige, gray, white and black. This creates an atmosphere of calm and harmony.

Designer furniture. It emphasizes the elegance and individuality of the interior, unobtrusively showing the standard of living of the owner. The most passionate aesthetes can use furniture as seasonal accessories. For example, tracking new items at exhibitions and presentations of new collections by leading designers. This approach allows you to fully demonstrate your taste and knowledge of trends.

Light and air. Here, as in minimalism, open spaces are important. Particular attention paid to the use of natural light, which enters through large windows and permeates all the rooms.

Technologies. They are used very actively. Smart home, integrated audio and video systems and the use of all kinds of robot cleaners are an almost ubiquitous thing.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Minimalism luxury is suitable for people who value comfort, elegance and status. It blends perfectly with modern architecture and spacious interiors.

If you are looking for uniqueness and individuality and also want an interior with luxurious accents, then the minimalism luxury is the perfect choice.