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melissa mayntz

Melissa Mayntz is a birder and a writer. She has years of experience birding at the state, national, and international levels. Some of her works span birding trips, tips, and inspiration. She has an expertise in Birding and Wild Birds. She has 30+ years of experience as a birder.

Besides this, she also has 10+ years of experience in writing about birding and wild birds for online and print publications. Moreover, she has an expertise of 16+ years in freelance writing. So, in this article, we will navigate facts about Melissa Mayntz and other information. Get ready to unveil some lesser-known facts about this birder.

What are some Different Experiences Melissa Mayntz Holds?

  • As mentioned above, she is writing about birding and wild birds for print and online publications. This is the work she has been doing for 10 years. Other than this, she has also birding for more than 30 years. For her contribution, her work has appeared in Bird Watcher’s Digest, National Wildlife Magazine, and WildBird Magazine.
  • Moreover, her work has been published in different Audubon chapter newsletters and other publications and blogs. As per reports, she has also been to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and more. Other than this, she has also been to the Central Pacific and the Middle East on birding expeditions.
  • All these travels, like bird migration, have allowed Mayntz to observe. Moreover, she has also had the opportunity to study various bird species. Here, it is stated that she maintains a birding website, Be Your Birder. This website is about the feathered exploits in her yard.
  • Additionally, there are different birding adventures and personal insights in her diary. For country fairs, she has also coordinated birding presentations. For seven years, Melissa contributed to the planning committee for the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival.
  • Unfortunately, not much is known about her experience. She is also not interested in sharing her different experiences with media personalities.

Melissa Mayntz Education Details

Melissa Mayntz studied at two universities, the University of North Florida and Western Michigan University. Here, she studied history education. She has been interested in this subject since childhood. Later, she also attended a wide variety of lectures, seminars, and presentations. All these lectures were given at birding festivals, conservation events, and nature events.

Moreover, she has also worked with licensed bird rehabilitators and bird feeder manufacturers. As per some reports, she has also worked with naturalist publishers. Here, she maintains an extensive library of birding reference books. There are also different ornithology texts and field guides from around the world.

Currently, she is pursuing certification as a Florida Master Naturalist and Land Steward. This is the course pursued by the University of Florida.

Some Awards and Publications Received by Melissa Mayntz

  • So, as per the reports, Melissa got many writing awards. She received these awards from school, including independent poetry awards and publications. She also got her award in the high school’s creative writing magazine.
  • Moreover, one of the greatest awards she won was the Margaret Macmillan Writing Award for Undergraduate Students. She got this from Western Michigan University’s Department of History. In 1997, she was awarded with another award from the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • In 2003, she was first published as a freelance writer. With National Wildlife Magazine, her work has been recognized many times. Melissa’s book titled, Wildlife Gardening: Tips for Four Seasons from National Wildlife was published in 2018. This book includes various articles regarding birding and her experience.
  • Migration: Exploring the Remarkable Journeys of Birds is her first book. In this book, she has offered a thorough overview of bird migration around the globe. Moreover, the book also includes detailed profiles of some of the world’s most amazing migrants. The tips are also offered to readers on how to keep birds flying for years to come.
  • The entire book covers different segments. Some of them are the journey of birds when they travel, and the purpose of migration. Moreover, how migrating birds are adapting to changes in the 21st Century and more. There are also some highly reputed profiles of some of the world’s most incredible migrants.
  • With American Senior Magazine, her work about birding and wild birds has appeared. Besides this, the Visitors Guide for the Biggest Week in American Birding has also made her appear. No matter but her work appears on different blogs and other bird-friendly websites.
  • By this, it is known that Melissa Mayntz is a very well-known and dedicated birder. As mentioned above, she is also an experienced freelance writer. We have seen fewer birders in our lives, but Melissa is now part of that list.

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