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marcos commando salary

Before starting with the article, let me tell you that the MARCOD Commando is an elite unit of the Indian Navy. Yes, they considered an exceedingly talented and surreptitious group. Moreover, they also known for their notable conflict abilities and unparalleled bravery. If you check online, Marcos also known as Marine Commando Force. 

So, in this article, let us know more about the Marcos Commandos. Moreover, people will also learn about Marcos’s Commando Salary. Sometimes, they often likened to the famed Indian Navy SEALS of the United States. It is completely okay if you are not able to understand this. We hope that you read this article to the end.

How Exactly is Marcos?

Now, let me tell you that Marcos is the abbreviated form of Marine Commandos. Remember, they are a unit of the Indian Navy proficient in air, water, and land operations. Marcos was founded in February 1987.

They are also the ones who gained International recognition for their professionalism. Make sure that Marcos Commandos also called Dadiwala Fauj. They are considered the type of Special forces. Their headquarters are located in INS, Karna Vishakhapatnam, India.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Marcos Commandos?

Guys, as already mentioned above, The Marcos Commandos are an elite special forces unit of the Indian Navy. Yes, they are specializing in maritime operations. Do you know that their main role is to conduct special operations? Yes, that too in coastal and offshore areas. This includes reconnaissance, hostage rescue missions, and counter-terrorism.

Moreover, Marcos Commandos very highly trained in combat diving. Not only this, they are also trained in underwater demolition, small arms skills, and more. Other than this, some responsibilities of Marcos Commando include gathering intelligence on enemy activities. Remember, that these activities are at sea or along coastlines. Sometimes, this secures key installations like oil rigs or ports from threats.

Later, they are the ones who need to prepared to deploy at a moment’s notice. Guys, make sure that this is definitely for high-risk missions that always require courage under fire. Moreover, it also needs strategic thinking under pressure. 

Know the History of Marcos Commando

  • After knowing this much, let us know the history of Marcos Commando. To handle the heightened security challenges at sea, they were created in 1987. This is also the one that follows the model of the US Navy Seals and the British SBS.
  • Moreover, the overall history of the Marcos Commandos always emphasized in the Indian Marine Special Forces. Yes, this appeared in the early 1980s. By this, the Indian Navy understood that such a dedicated sea-based force was valuable. Make sure that they are valuable in meeting the challenges of growing maritime threats and enforcing special ops.
  • Guys, Marcos, the name says it all, as it is known to have been named after these elite forces in the world. This was the time when the Indian Navy recognized the necessity for a specialized marine unit. Yes, they played a vital role in executing antipiracy operations in piracy-prone areas.
  • As per reports, one unforgettable mission carried out by MARCOS was Operation Pawan. This was the time during the late 1980s amid the Lankan Civil War. Yes, by reading this much, we believe that Marcos played a crucial role in capturing LTTE-held territories. 

What is the Structure of Marcos Commando Salary in India?

After coming to this section, you must have got the hint of the salary structure of Marcos Commandos. But, here, let me tell you that Marcos in India has a very competitive marcos commando salary package. Sometimes, this also showcases the specialized skills along with the high-risk nature of their job. 

Moreover, the exact salary structure for Marcos can be based on factors like rank, years of service, and qualifications. So, as per reports, Marcos Commandos can expect to earn a starting salary upwards of INR 50,000 per month. Slowly and Gradually, as they progress in their careers, they can earn higher pay grades.

Besides marcos commando salary, they also get some additional benefits like travel expenses, healthcare coverage, housing allowances, and more. Thus, the salary of Marcos is always subjected to periodic revisions by the government. This is also based on inflation rates and other economic factors.

Make sure that salary structure of Marcos Commandos not only reflects their dedication to serving the nation. 

What are some Allowances for Different Deployment Areas?

Here, let me tell you that not one but there are many allowances given to Marcos Commandos. Let us discuss one of the below points for your better understanding.

  1. Remember that a highly active field area co-exists with a highly active field area allowance of INR 16,800.
  2. Besides this, on top of their basic pay by 20%, there is a 20% increase. Make sure that this is in the Hard areas of MARCOS Commando.
  3. The area personnel in the field area get INR 500 as the Field Area Allowance of 10,700.
  4. Last but not least, in Peace Areas delineated Marcos gets a Peace Area Allowance. Yes, this is INR 35,600 as a marcos commando salary component.

How One Can Become a Marcos Commando? Step-by-Step Guide

This is the most important section for those who want to serve our country. So, before volunteering for this special force, all the candidates must be exceptionally strong and physically fit. Here, everyone knows that the entire process is strenuous. Now, if you are interested, we have covered some basic steps for the selection process. Make sure that this consists of four stages. Let us one by one in the below points.

  1. Pre-Selection Stage of Marcos Commando

Let’s start the selection process of Marcos Commados here. Remember, this is a three-day process. Here, the testing of your physical stamina takes place. Make sure that this also includes an aptitude test. The hard part is only about 20% of candidates make it past this phase.

  1. Selection Stage of Marcos Commando

After completing the first stage, this is a five-week process. It consists of daunting tasks and trusts me, they also have a ‘hell week’. Sometimes, there are also different tasks involving long runs, night marches, live ammunition training, and more. Guys, this is also a challenging experience for strong-willed individuals.

  1. Initial Qualification Training (Basic SF Training) Stage of Marcos Commando

Coming to the third phase of the selection process for Marcos Commando. Here, it is an extended 10-week program at INS Abhimanyu. Trust me, this is more challenging than the above two including kayaking, explosives training, photography, hostage rescue, and more. Later, there is also a 3-week basic parachute course and basic combat diverse course.

  1. Probation Period (Advanced SF Training) Stage of Marcos Commando

As the heading suggests, this is the advanced SF training stage. Here, candidates are taught to combat free-fall training, anti-hijacking, and more. Sometimes, they also undergo language training, operations from submarines, sniper competence, and more. At the last, there is a 4-week high-altitude commando course and desert warfare school.

Guys, you need to note that any Indian Navy officer applying for Marcos should not be older than 20 years. So, it is requested that all the candidates check their age before applying.


So, here, wrapping up this article on marcos commando salary, we came to know that they play a key role in protecting the expanse of shipping and battling terrorism. Make sure that Marcos is the land’s top exceptional force. Yes, it continues to encourage and make valuable contributions to domestic security.

Guys, let me tell you that the future looks bright for Marcos Commandos. But, again, this applies to people who are very much dedicated to honing their craft. Oh, not only craft but also grab new opportunities that come their way.

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