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rashel kolaneci

Rashel is a Prominent television figure, who curated popularity as a TV presenter, model, blogger, TikTok star, actress, and a gorgeous kickboxing champion. Her early rise is attributed to the very engaging platform, TikTok. She gathered paramount glory after hosting the very famous TV program “Xing me Ermalin”. Consequently, she hosted other TV shows named “Bricijapi”, Shiko Kush Luan, and more. The audience acknowledged her as a commendable actor by her performance in the film “Faleo” as “Secretarjo”. Many fashion brands approached Rashel for promotions looking at her amazing growth. The gorgeous model possesses her clothing brand named “Coloursuper” which offers undergarments and bikinis. Worldwide Marketing Company and Bloc 13 Marketing Agency involved in the marketing of Rashel.

Rashel Kolaneci Bio

Born on June 22, 1997, in Albania. Rashel continues to reside there. As of 2023, she is 26 years old. The famous TV host is an Albanian nationality.  Her zodiac symbol is cancer. She chases Christianity and worships Jesus. Rashel through her confident body and sturdy mind left the audience startled.

Physical Appearance of Rashel

Rashel has an attractive physical appearance with a fair complexion and brown bright eyes. The model has a confident height of 5’9”. She weighs 55 kg. Rashel is a beautiful figure of measurement 36-26-40. Her dark brown coloured hair enhances her elegance. She is an actor who injects threshold efforts to manage her physical appearance.

Rashel Kolaneci Family

Rashel belongs to an Albanian Christian family. Rashel’s father is a successful businessman and her mother forms the foundational pillar of the family. However, names and other family details are not yet revealed by Rashel. the model exposes talent and integrity in front of the world. However, she believes in keeping family members and their details confidential. Her Instagram bio reveals that she loves to create memories and spend time with her close ones.

Early Life

Rashel worked for esteemed television shows such as Zing Me Ermlin, Brikijapi, and many more. She was born and raised in a Christian family in Tirana, Albania in 1997.As a child, she felt soothing connections with modeling and acting. She grabbed all the opportunities at school and college levels to demonstrate her modeling abilities.

The competitions kept building her as an outstanding poser and ramp lighter. She used to share her photo shoots on social media which called upon many brand endorsements. She kept finishing herself with modeling and acting techniques that made her career approach easier.


The actress has indulged in her television passion since childhood. However, she never neglected her studies and devotedly completed her graduation. She went to a local school for her primary education and later joined a renowned college, Ministria e Arsimit, Shkence, Teknologjise. After finishing her academics, she pivoted towards her true calling of digital platforms. Rashel is a successful businesswoman along with a TV presenter. To uplift her marketing career, she is currently looking for an MBA. She has expertise in multiple languages such as French, English and Romanian.


Rashel was ushered into a modeling career after completing her academics. She collaborated with top modeling agencies to ensure a regular stream of opportunities. She walked with fierce grace on the runway to promote several clothing brands. To add more to her popularity, she shares her modeling sessions on her Instagram handle. She accumulated honor and dignity as an excellent kickboxing champion. Rashel demonstrated her outstanding abilities on various television shows.

Television shows – Rashel Kolaneci 

Rashel is a multitalented lady who is a well-known television celebrity. After TikTok, TV shows and movies proceeded to elevate her success. She bustled among fans with her appearances in Albanian TV shows such as Bricijap and Shiko Kush Luan. She played the role of Sekretarja in the film “Falco” with utmost perfection and precision. Xing Me Ermalin is another platform that added the cherry on the cake. With her efforts and dedication, she has gilded her name bold in the television era.

Rashel Kolaneci Boyfriend

The fanatics are eagerly waiting to know about Rashel’s love life and affairs. Her content has infatuated the audience worldwide so that they keep attempting to glance into her love life. Adding to your knowledge, Rachel is unmarried and single so far. No authentic information is available on the public domain or any social media platform regarding Rashel’s spouse and boyfriend. She is very precise about sharing her happenings and at most keeps it concealed. It seems like the celebrity limits her limelight to professional work. Well, fans are keeping an eye on the news and websites to discover Rashel’s allure. Sources are engaged in finding out true details to serve the audience.

Rashel Kolaneci’s Social Media

Besides TikTok, Instagram is well known for Rashel’s following and flaunting. She broadcasts her bold modelling photoshoots on her Instagram account which amazes a wide spectrum of audiences. She turned her digital presence into a vibrant and captivating one that fueled her professional career. Rashel whose account is named “rashelkolaneci” with a genuine following of 1.6 million. Additionally, she assorts around 10K followers on Twitter.

Instagram1.5M Followers
Facebook21K Followers
TikTok1.6M Followers
Twitter9,170 Followers

Lifestyle of Rashel Kolaneci

Rashel reveals that she consumes alcohol and is also involved in smoking. On the other hand, she practices regular yoga and gym to maintain her appealing model figure. Informatics rectifies that she is not involved in cooking and swimming but knows the driving skills.

Rashel Kolaneci’s Net Worth

The proficient actor, model, TV presenter, businesswoman, and kickboxing champion has yielded a big revenue at a tender age. This assortment of capital from versatile sources is attributed to her diligence and intelligence. Although Rashel hasn’t disclosed her income and earnings, various sources ratify it to be USD 1 million per year. TikTok and other social media inputs contribute the maximum to her holistic revenue. She being a marketer and businesswoman keeps herself occupied in brand promotions and advertisements that level up her finances and capital. She is constantly heading towards improvement and perfection to present herself with a dream luxurious lifestyle

Rashel Kolaneci – Achievements and Rewards

Rashel through her fabulous, acting and modeling has startled the television community. Her flawless body language and stirring countenance made her considerable among top celebrities. Her fascinating acting has been rewarded by following honors and titles.

  • She won the title of Best Actress for her superb performance in “The Journey” (2015) at the renowned event of the Albanian Film Festival.
  • At “Stine Dashurie” Film Festival she earned the title of best female actor for her adorable acting in “A Small September Affair” (2014)
  • She added another esteem title of best female actor for her performance in “The Journey” (2015) at the “Ifti I Lumtur” Film Festival.
  • The “Falme” Film Festival rewarded her with the title of best actress for her work in “Bora” (2017).
  • Rashel celebrated the Golden Day of her career when she was honored with the trophy of the Actor of the Year for her work in “Bora” (2017). The event was organized by “the runtime e Nj Geisheje” Film Festival.
  • Apart from acting and modeling, her noble perspective has brought her an esteemed award of the “Nna Terez”.

All the accomplishments and achievements are a positive consequence of her desire and dedication to live her dreams.

Interesting facts about Rashel Kolaneci

  • She serves mankind through her charitable and noble actions.
  • She is fond of animals and has three pets.
  • She got her lips operated on.
  • Rashel has her clothing brand named Super Zebr.
  • She had an early dream of becoming a kickboxer but her fortune planned her as an outstanding model.
  • Rashel features videos on YouTube by the channel name “rashel432”. She uploaded only 16 videos and those too accumulated a wide following of 150 K.


Q1. What is the marital status of Rashel?

Ans: Rashel is unmarried and single.

Q2. When was Rashel Kolaneci born?

Ans: Rashel was born on June 22, 1997.

Q3. What is the age of Rashel?

Ans: Rashel is 26 years old, according to her birth year of 1997.

Q4. What is the height of Rashel?

Ans: Rashel has a height of 5’9”

Q5. Where does Rashel live?

Ans: Rashel lives in Albania.

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