Overcoming Obstacles for Seamless Package Delivery in Dhaka

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Is there a place where there are no obstacles? Obstacles are set to be broken, right? Especially when it is a business! Every business needs to overcome obstacles in order to sustain itself in a competitive marketplace. The same stands for package delivery services. Moreover, you need to go the extra mile when it comes to ever-evolving locations like Dhaka. Take this thrilling ride with us as we understand how package delivery services are overcoming the obstacles that are thrown their way. 

Challenges Being Overcome for Seamless Package Delivery

Companies like Porter Bangladesh are already on great moves when it comes to efficient package delivery. Let us understand how most companies are overcoming challenges in this sector. 

1. Inaccessible Locations Made through Bike Deliveries

There are locations in the city that are inaccessible by a truck or a tempo to go to. This can be because of narrow roads, immense crowds, and unexpected congestion. Package delivery companies are making deliveries possible even at these locations through bike deliveries. Package delivery by bike does not require large roads to travel; they can beat the traffic and overcome congestion even through the narrowest roads. This ensures parcels can be easily received by recipients from any corner of Dhaka. 

2. Limited Time for the Deliveries Managed through Proper Demand Estimation

Modern-day has us choosing same-day deliveries, next-day deliveries and instant deliveries from companies. This might not have been a choice a few years ago, but delivery companies are coping with this change with ease. How, you may wonder! Well, they are estimated demand in precision. Delivery companies consider several factors, such as peak delivery time, e-commerce sales, weekends, holidays, road congestion and much more.  

3. Security Concerns Covered through Live Trackers

Typically, when we order items online or have parcels delivered to us from afar, we worry about their safety. Delivery companies are putting an end to that kind of concern on the go. Recipients can now view where their product is, when it will arrive at their door, who the delivery partner is, and much more through live tracking systems. 

4. Delivery Concerns Understood through Reviews and Customer Feedback

In the initial stage of package deliveries, it was hard for the customer to understand what the delivery company had to offer, and the delivery company found it hard to understand what their customers really wanted. Instead, the tables have turned now. Delivery companies are making it a point to understand their customer at the earliest through their reviews and feedback. The queries and issues customers raise with the company are addressed efficiently and with due consideration in their future procedures. 

5. Poor Visibility Managed through GPS Systems and Digital Logging

The broken fragments in the supply chains of delivery companies are also being addressed effectively; if you are asking how this is how. They are implementing digital logging systems and live GPS systems that provide transparency throughout the supply chain. The digital logging attribute makes it possible for everyone on the supply chain to see where the shipment is, what the possible delays are, and when it will reach the destination. The same goes for GPS systems; the delivery company’s management team effectively watches over their goods on the road through GPS systems. 

6. Human Resources Caters to Hiring Professionals 

Drivers, driver assistants, and internal operations have lately been managed by highly skilled professionals in delivery companies. How is this happening? Package delivery companies rely on their human resources departments to hire skilled professionals and train them in the required abilities for better management.


Now that you have a good view on Package Delivery Dhaka, you can understand how it has elevated in the last couple of years. We don’t face the same delays, or struggles while receiving a package, instead, we get it much faster – thanks to package delivery companies that are taking the initiative to do so.