Crypto PUR: Exposed The Truth Behind Free Recharge Claims

crypto pur

Nowadays there are lots of videos going viral on the internet which claims something and most of the videos are unreasonable, not genuine. There is one of the topics Crypto going viral a lot. In this viral content they claim that if you visit their website you will get a free recharge by just visiting. 

So, in this post we will let you know about the reality of this viral content whether it is a true claim or not or is it just a scam?

Know About Crypto Pur

Crypto Pur is a distributed digital Currency which operates by blockchain technology. Unlike the traditional authorization currency, There is no restriction by any government or central authority.  Rather, transactions are confirmed by a network of systems while using cryptographic description.

Key Features of Crypto PUR

  1. Tracking Live Price: It provides actual time updates on over 200 cryptocurrencies. With patterns, users can analyze price trends, interactive charts, and market movements.
  2. Education Content: Even if you are a fresher or skilful trader, Crypto Pur will offer education funds. Read about the latest crypto deals, blockchain, decentralized finance.
  3. Sentiment Index: Stay updated about sentiment market. Crypto Pur position index community opinions and emotions that are connected to specific cryptocurrencies.

Origin of the Viral Video

Crypto is getting viral very fastly, it has become a sensational topic on social media platforms and youtube. There are lots of videos on social media platforms that claim you can get followers or easily free mobile recharges by following simple steps. You just have to enter your mobile number and select the recharge plan and you will get a recharge.

These types of videos get lots of attention on social media, people trust such websites easily. These types of videos gain a lot of attention, many users want to try out the seemingly effortless way to save on mobile expenses. 

On first impression, the offer looks very good to be true. The idea of getting recharge just by visiting their website and entering some information about your mobile phone number.

How does claim to work? 

There are simple steps to do free recharge the following steps are mentioned below :- 

According to the viral claim through this video, the process to get free mobile recharge from the crypto :- 

  • First you have to visit their website crypto 
  • Then you just have to enter your mobile number on which you want the recharge.
  • You have to select the recharge plans of your choice.
  • After this process, click on the button to confirm. 

This website claims that by following these simple steps you will get a free recharge of your choice whatever you want to in just a few clicks. 

Reality of this website 

  • Redirects and advertisements :- When the person follows these steps which are mentioned there. Then they realize that the things are not simple as they see. After the confirmation of the free recharge users are often redirected to other pages and get lots of ads. 

This is a common strategy used by the scam to generate the ad revenue, by making false promises to attract a large number of users towards their website. 

  • Fake Recharge :- According to information users did not get free recharge by this website, users just waste their time by visiting and get frustrated by the lots of ads. It is just a scam which makes you in trouble and makes you frustrated. 

Investigating the claim

Is it a fake website or real?

  • Website Analysis :- By visiting the website it reveals a video with very basic design. Firstly this focuses on capturing the mobile number of users. 

There is no proof about this video that is true or trustworthy. 

  • User Reviews :- the person who already uses this website tells about the problems that they faced while using the app. Most of the users report that they never received the promised recharges and the users were instead bombarded with advertisements. 
  • Technical examination :- Technical tools and browsers inspection reveals that the site uses lots of ads networks and tracking mechanisms to redirect users. 

Cybersecurity experts often warn against websites that offer too good to be true deals. Sites like crypto are typically designed to lure users into providing personal information or generating revenue through ad clicks. Without any intention of delivering the promised service. 

Risk of using crypto 

  • Data Privacy Concerns :- There is a big risk of using this website that there is the risk of leaking your personal information. By entering your mobile number, you receive spam calls, messages, or even phishing attacks. 
  • Malware and viruses :- There is the possibility of encountering malware. sometimes you can lead to accidental downloads of harmful software that harms your system. Mobile phones that can harm your personal data also.
  • Financial scam :- In most of the cases, these types of sites like crypto request for the additional information or payments for premium services. It may lead to financial losses for the users. 

Risks of investing in Crypto Pur

There are myriad risks of investing in Crypto Pur and below you can read some of them:

  • Volatile: It is highly volatile like other cryptocurrencies. In less time its value can fluctuate drastically. People sometimes gain huge profits and sometimes they have to bear high losses.
  • Uncertainty Of Regulatory: The rules for cryptocurrencies are still developing. Governments of different countries are trying to figure out how to classify and regulate them. Sudden changes in regulations can affect the value of Crypto Pur; those changes can create uncertainty for investors.
  • Concern of Consumer Protections: People can not get their money back if they send this cryptocurrency to the wrong place.
  • Challenges of Liquidity: It may not be as easily tradable as major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. That is leading to lower liquidity.
  • Viability of Project: Without having knowledge about the project, the project might fail. So before investing know about the viability, credibility and the clear uses of its project.
  • Sentiment of Market: Your investment can get affected by the market sentiments, news and social media. Their influence can leave you in big losses. Fear of missing out that is called FOMO in short and FUD that is fear, uncertainty, and doubt can be the reason behind influencing market investment.
  • Implications of Taxes: People or investors need to have knowledge about the tax laws as they are different in every country. Having no knowledge about countries’ laws can cause problems for the investors.
  • Concern Regarding Environment: It uses energy-intensive proof-of-work (PoW) mining. So environmentalists raise their concerns about the carbon footprints that are associated with PoW coins.

How to be aware of this type of scam?

  • Be Skeptical:– Always approach offers that look too good to be true skepticism. Free services, especially ones offering monetary benefits like mobile recharges, should be thoroughly vetted before participation. 
  • Verify Authenticity:- Always check reviews and feedback from other users of this website. If maximum people give negative reviews or scams then avoid this type of apps. 
  • Use Security Tools:- Make sure that your device has updated with the latest antivirus software and use ad blockers to prevent unwanted ads and redirects. 
  • Report Suspicious Sites:– If you find this type of app like crypto report it to the official authorities or to the cybersecurity forums to prevent others from falling victim to the scam. 


According to the investigation and user feedback. We get evidence that claims made by this website of crypto about free recharges are false. By applying in this type of website you have numerous problems with ads and redirects. They do not provide any real benefits to the user of this website, only misleads the person.

In this world which is slowly filled with all the scams and misleading offers, it is important to stay informed and cautious. Always verify the authenticity of such claims and give priority to your online safety. 

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

Q1.How does get people’s attention? 

Ans. There is a video on the internet get viral nowadays in which they claim about free mobile recharges by this claim this video get viral. 

Q2. Are these claims fake or not? 

Ans. According to the users, we know that this claim is totally fake about this website. 

Q3. What are the problems of using this website?

Ans. You may experience lots of problems after using this website like :- it can steal your personal information, possibility of encountering malware and viruses etc.

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